Why the Provincial ‘Chapter’ does not make it to Book form

Adolph Furtado sdb

There certainly is a logical flow to the whole business, but is there any logic left in what we do? We open a chapter, but then we cannot conclude it. Here is a synopsis of the book that might have been.

The Provincial convokes the eagerly awaited Chapter.

The Council seriously deliberates on the appointment of the Moderator, and sometimes, when they see the need, a deputy too.

Rectors at their annual meeting debate the thrust of the Chapter with great earnestness.

A Preparatory Commission for the Chapter is constituted, with just the right mix of youth and experience, not forgetting the equations of regional balance. Commissions create series of documents for debate and deliberations.

Local communities get into gear, ensuring that grass roots consultation is strictly adhered too. Delegates are elected, creating invisible but palpable degrees of acceptance and rejection among Confreres.

Finally, all the members of the Provincial Chapter assemble together - mostly with great enthusiasm. This is often accompanied by some with an air of self-importance that seems at times disproportionate to the fact that some members were elected after multiple attempts, in a very tired ballot.

The Chapter gets underway. Inside the hall, a series of debates take centre stage, in turn, seriously heated and seriously humorous. There certainly are equal amounts of hot air and cold stares. Everyone stays assuredly focused on the topic at hand. Syntaxes and nuances are assiduously deliberated upon…

Much paperwork gets accomplished and many passions are aroused as the voting comes closer.

Everybody that is anybody elaborates on his experience and expresses his knowledge with great élan.

The feeling that a new era is dawning reverberates in the air: it rejuvenates and almost re-founds the province, if not the congregation.

At the end, most members are most enthusiastic about having achieving the desired goals.

The much needed ‘feel good factor’ has been eminently achieved.

Everyone goes home with good feelings.

And when they reach home, they do exactly as they please.

The End.

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